May Day 2015

There's always something so delightful about welcoming the month of May with this tradition of delivering flowers to a few neighbors while trying not to get caught in the act. 

Because our kids have such different start times, we delivered flowers tonight on April 30th on the night before May Day to help our neighbors get in the spirit for tomorrow. 

 run, run, RUN!!!

May Day 2014... 

sneaky little May Day delivery girl 

running down 17th Ave... 


Happy May Day 2013!!! 

May Day Flower Cone Factory 

sneaky May Day deliveries before school

trying not to get caught never gets old... 

Run, run, as fast as you can!! 

a quick May Pole celebration on the Hestad's tether ball pole... 

Thanks to Jaime for putting on some fun music, the kids got into the fun... 

May pole video below from 2103:  

all wrapped up... 

May Pole- 16th Ave style  


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