Blessing of the Backpacks 2015

Our church back in Knoxville had a wonderful tradition to start off the school year with the "Blessing of the Backpacks."  As the kids came up to the front of the church with their backpacks, some of them were asked to pull out an item from their backpacks and think of how that item could be used to be a blessing to God and to others.  Then they were each given a card with a blessing, and the congregation prayed for them.

We decided that this was too good to leave in TN and we started this up in Seattle when we moved here in 2012.  This is our 4th Annual Blessing of the Backpacks celebration here. Kids gathered on our porch steps, Anna and her friend Mary Margaret took turns reading the lines from the blessing on the card, and then we scooped up ice cream for everyone. It is one of our traditions that is short but so very sweet, and my hope is that through the years that the reminder to go forth into their schools to be a blessing would take root in their hearts a little more each year.  


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