Thanksgiving Letters

We write letters of what we are thankful for each year and keep them in a notebook. Having started this in 1995, it's such a treat to have these little time capsules from each year. 

When we have celebrated Thanksgiving at other family's houses, we would not ask everyone to participate, and just the four of us in our immediate family would write letters and read them together later over the holiday weekend. 

Over the last few years when we have hosted Thanksgiving at our house, we have invited those gathered with us to write a letter if they wanted to (making sure they understood that there was no pressure) to read around our table after our Thanksgiving feast.  

The best thing was that this year, we had Marcet Crockett with us who is a sophomore at SPU and we invited her to write a letter. I pulled out our notebook of Thanksgiving letters and was able to show her three letters from 1998 when we spent Thanksgiving with them when she was just 2 1/2 years old.  We were able to reminisce and read letters from her parents and see the list of things she had dictated to her mom 17 years ago. What a treat to have Marcet add another one to our notebook so many years later! Milk and sunshine made the list back in '98 so she made sure to put them on her list this year too. :) 


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