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Vow Renewal Ceremony

For our 20th wedding anniversary this summer, we decided to renew our vows with our small group as our witnesses.  Our friends Mike and Kelly Langford officiated the service in the backyard at the Atkins' house, and it was a lovely afternoon.  Planning the service and rewriting our vows was particularly meaningful along with adding vows we said to Anna and Taylor (that I adapted from some other friends' baptism service).  What a gift to celebrate in and with this beloved community.  Video from 20th Vow Renewal Ceremony sweet Eva and Anna working on my hair for a fun hairstyle they found on Pinterest :)      a poem written by our friends the Hutchinsons for us:  So it's been twenty years Mostly smiles, a few tears Today right now so elegant And on a unicycle so relevant Your time together is often sweaty but more often jubilant with confetti As a pair you create a wake Of joy and friendship beca

Celebrate Lavishly

I was scrolling around on the UPC website to track down a sermon and saw that my talk titled "Celebrate Lavishly" to the MOPS group from May 17 this past spring was posted.  That seems like a lifetime ago! You can find the link here: MOPS 5-17-16 Emily Huff Emily spoke about Celebrating Lavishly If that does not work, I have also uploaded it to Google drive here .