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St. Nicolas Traditions

Below is part of a blog post from Kara Powell titled " 5 tips to lessen your family stress this holiday season . "  I'm including the first tip on this blog about celebrations because I think this hits the nail on the head...  "Holiday concerts. Last-minute gift shopping. A longer-than-normal list of church and family events. And to top it all off, our teenagers often have mid-December final exams. No wonder the holidays feel stressful. I imagine scenes of our family holidays that include fireplaces, pajamas, and relaxed card games together. And yet our reality often looks like rushing to the next event and cramming in late-night runs to Target for the gift that’s needed  tomorrow .  Over the years, my husband, Dave, and I have found that  less can be more  during the holidays. As we  choose better, and choose less,  we actually end up enjoying the holidays more and feel more connected as a family. Choosing better and choosing less can help your family feel mo