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the truth about Santa

There's a brilliant, heartfelt way to tell your kids the truth about Santa. Take notes. December 9,  2016 By  Robbie Couch  ( Upworthy article repost )  "It's the mooost wonderful tiiiiime of the — OH NO, did Charlie just ask if Santa is real?!" — What some mom or dad is probably thinking this very moment If you're a parent in a household that celebrates Christmas, you can likely relate to  the dreaded Santa Claus conversation . It may come with tears, it may come with tantrums, and it may even be worse for  you , seeing that heart-wrenching look of disappointment spread across your child's once-merry face.  It's a dilemma Charity Hutchinson of British Columbia has been thinking about recently, as a mom to two young boys and the two nephews she cares for as well. SHARE Photo by Theresa Easter Photography. Just a few days ago, one of Hutchinson's nephews raised the question, telling her h

early Epiphany celebration

Last night, we celebrated Epiphany early since our friend Byron is heading out of town for the weekend, and I did not want him to miss out on one of my favorite traditions.   Just as we have done in years past , we gathered around the table with candles  and with our liturgy to celebrate the Light.   One of the things I love about liturgy is that each year, we say these words, and over time, it starts to sink in. Each year with different experiences that have marked our journeys, we bring more to the table, and hopefully we are able to savor the words and let them continue to have their way with us.   May 2017 be a year in which God gives us grace to see Him in the epiphanies of the daily experiences of our lives and may our home be a place where Christ's light is known.  A Blessing of the Home (L=Leader,    C=Community) L : The Lord is with you; C:  And also with you. All: Peace be to this house and to all who live, work, and visit here. L:  Let’s take a mome