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Today is the 25th of July which is celebrated as Christmas in July by some.  When I sent some candy canes this morning for Anna to share with some of the girls at her running camp for the occasion, she loved it and described me as "festive" when she passed them out and explained the reason behind the peppermint treat.  On the other hand, when Taylor saw that I had gotten out a few Christmas decorations for a dinner party tonight, he pretended to gag and thought I was so weird to get out Christmas decor in the summer.  Oh well- it was indeed festive at our house, and I'm grateful for a chance to be merry anytime of the year.  with the Whites and some new friends we met from UPC from Brazil 

Oh the Places You'll Go!

Every year at our Teacher Brunch, I pull out these two copies of this classic Dr. Seuss book Oh, the Places You'll Go!   We started getting teachers to sign these since Anna and Taylor were in preschool and kindergarten, and it's turned into quite the time capsule through the years to have this window into teachers' comments through the years.  I sent the book to school with Anna and Taylor the last week of school to get the final signatures from teachers who could not come to our brunch, and I finally pulled the books out of the kids' backpacks just last week. I am grateful for these teachers who have invested in them and who have been a part of their stories this past year.