Talk Like a Pirate Day 2017

I woke up to the news that on this day (National Talk Like a Pirate Day 2017) that Krispy Kreme was not going to be in the spirit giving away doughnuts like they've done in the past. As the article below says, "SHIVER ME TIMBERS!" 
Please note that I did look to see if we have a Long John Silver's for a free deep-fried Twinkie. (ARE YOU SERIOUS?) The closest Long John Silver's to our house was in Kentucky. Needless to say, that did not happen today. 

Never fear- I decided that doughnuts were still in order so I picked up some Top Pot doughnuts for the celebration after school. However, in order get the doughnut, pirate speak was the payment required.  ARRRR! reports, “The International Day of talking like a pirate began in 2002 and is still going strong in 2017 as people gear up to speak a new sea fairing language for the day. 
It was initiated in 2002 by two guys who started to would start conversations by saying ‘Arrr!’ and a game od puns ensued and 15 years later here we are.
The day was decided on as it was one of the founder’s ex-wife’s birthday and they couldn’t think of any other important historical memorial day that was occurring on September 19.
The pair claim that talking like a pirate adds ‘zest’ and ‘swagger’ to your conversations and this justifies the need for an entire day for it.
Well of course.” 

How to speak pirate, or as the pirates would say how t’ speak gentleman o’ fortune
Blow me down – Oh my god
Avast ye – Look at this
Heave Ho – Put your back into to it
Pillage – Rob or plunder
Savvy? – Do you understand or do you agree?
Thar she blows! – When you see a whale

Shiver me timbers! – Oh my gosh
Scallywag – mild insult akin to rapscallion or rogue
Hornswaggle – to defraud or cheat out of money or belongings
Landlubber – big, slow clumsy person who doesn’t know how to sail
Scurvy dog – the pirate is talking directly to you with mild insult
Cleave him to the brisket – to cut across the chest, from one shoulder to the lower abdomen

Dead men tell no tales – phrase indicating to leave no survivors
Scuttle – to sink a ship
Seadog – old pirate or sailor
Old Salt – an experienced sailor
Three sheets to the wind – someone who is very drunk. One sheet is mildly drunk and four sheets is passed out
Batten down the hatches – put everything away on the ship and tie everything down because a storm is brewing
Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! – the exhortation of discontent or disgust
Ahoy! – Hello!
Ahoy, Matey – Hello, my friend!
The Black Spot – Death threat

To get in true pirating spirit you can find out what your pirate name would be so you can celebrate in authenticity.


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