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Belated Valentine's

February calls for our annual tradition of writing letters to each other and reading them over dinner. Because Valentine's coincided with Ash Wednesday and because last week was a bit full with school activities, we decided to celebrate this week. Better late than never!  chocolates from LA given to us from our friend Jeremiah  Though it seems like pulling teeth sometimes to get everyone to write their letters, it's so worth the effort to take the time to share the love in this way each year.  little black dresses :) 

Fat Tuesday

Today is the day before the official kick off of Lent tomorrow with Ash Wednesday. I have many memories of our church youth group hosting the annual pancake suppers on this night each year. It’s also known as Mardi Gras which is French for “Fat Tuesday.” A little history lesson is in order to understand how pancakes became a thing on the day before Lent.   People would clean out their cupboards of butter, eggs, milk and sugar which were restricted foods during the Lenten fast.   Putting these all together in pancakes was a great way to eat up these pantry items that would not keep until Easter when the fast was over. It was also the last chance to feast before Lent began.   Check out a broader history  here  and  here . We sure enjoyed our pancake/waffle feast this evening and a last hit of chocolate for me before the season begins. :)  my going away card to Chocolate for Lent picturing  my last hurrah at Chocolati with Anna for a mother/daugther date af