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resurrection cookies- the tradition continues

Last night (the night before Easter) when we normally make our resurrection cookies was quite a full night. Taylor and I went to see Anna perform in her dance performance.  After the show, I took Anna to the tail end of one of her good friend's birthday parties and then picked up a few things to make some desserts for an Easter brunch today.  All of that to say, I did not get home until about 10 p.m.  Taylor was hanging out watching a show in the basement while I was in the land of the sweets in the kitchen.  There was no way our schedule would allow it to be like old times when they would both be in the kitchen helping me out to make the meringues on the night before Easter that we have made for the past 11 years.  So, I decided to divide and conquer.  I simply asked Taylor to come up and measure out the sugar, and then when Anna got home, I asked her to tape the oven shut as we've done every year.  She came home from the party around 11:30 with a fun crown her