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What is the Most Important Thing You Know?

Today is Pentecost, the day we celebrate God's gift to us of the Holy Spirit and we also celebrate the birthday of the church. I asked Jason and the kids to gather with me today to blow up some red balloons in celebration of the day and to read a few passages of Scripture to talk about the significance of this day; I was grateful that they all obliged and were good sports.  We read the following passages of Scripture: Genesis 1:1-4 Genesis 2:4-7 1 Kings 19:1-13 Psalm 133 Matthew 3:13-17 John 7:37-39  Acts 2:1-4  As we read these, I challenged us all to listen for the thread through these passages of what these tell us about the Holy Spirit.  These were some of the things that seemed to pop out: breath of life life giving water tongues of fire dove of peace still small voice  community inclusion  unity declaration of our belovedness  I then asked everyone a question that I heard recently from our neighbor Jaime. Apparently when she and her husband