Blessing of the Backpacks 2019

our tradition continues on the day before school starts.... 
"We want you to get off to a great start this school year, and as you go to school, we want you to know that your neighborhood loves you and will be praying for you.  So, we’d like to bless you and your backpacks, to help get you ready.  Alright, here we go.  Everybody take off your backpacks, turn toward us, and hold them up high!" 

Adapted from St. John’s Lutheran Church in Knoxville, TN and


  1. Email from Whitney Kruse: "Thank you so much for doing Blessing of the Backpacks. It triggered an awesome conversation with Porter (my oldest) who’s finally at the age to understand and read the blessing that you give him. We talked about how blessed he is to have a backpack and be able to go to school and learn. And also how he can love others well while he’s there. Thank you for being a light in this neighborhood!"


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