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April 15, 2020
by Emily Huff, including photos, used with permission.
In light of church gatherings not happening for Easter, our family wanted to do something to help the neighborhood celebrate and mark Easter together in a special way. We sent out email invitations to neighbors to let them know we would be flowering a cross outside our home on Easter Sunday, and we invited them to pick up some flowers from a store when they were out grabbing groceries or to pick some from their gardens to bring to add to the cross to celebrate that He is risen indeed! 
My parents had done this for years at their church in Nashville, and we felt that this was the year to make one for Seattle. 
Directions from my dad sent to us to make our Easter cross 

The making of our Easter cross over Palm Sunday weekend 

It was indeed a spectacular and life-giving day getting to see this cross that we put in our yard for Easter 2020 be filled with glory through the day. Though we are grateful for online communication, there is nothing like seeing real people rather than the one-inch picture of someone on your screen during a Zoom call. We were so blessed to get to see friends come by (6 feet away of course) to flower our Easter cross. We hope to make this a new tradition, and we look forward to being able to actually hug friends who come by next year. 
bubbles and chocolate eggs as party favors for people who came by 

See pictures of the cross through the day (below) and then of all the beautiful people that filled our cups with such joy (above).

7:00 am 

7:15 am 

7:30 am 

11:30 am 

1 pm 

3 pm 

notice our pet rabbit is even taking notice! 

9 pm 


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