Open When Gifts

I saw this idea to wrap "open when gifts"  in a blog post a week or so before we took Anna to college, so I went to the Dollar Store and stocked up on a lot of fun things as surprises for her.  When we were moving her in, I was able to hide them on her shelf in the kitchen. She found them later that night after we left, and they were a really fun surprise for her. 

And as a bonus, I left Gnome there to keep her company. 
He has a new home, and I'm sure he is loving life in sunny California! 

Here are some of the labels for the little packages: 
* for your first 13th in college (Happy 13th! 9-13-21) 
* for when you are having a hard day
* for your first hike up Potato Mountain (a hike we did together in March
* for your first movie night 
* for when you are studying for your first big test 
* for your first awards night at Revelle 
* for when you are feeling stressed 
* for a random Tuesday 
* for when you have a sore throat
* for a time when you feel hurt 
* for when you want to celebrate a new friend's birthday 
* for when you miss home
* for when you forget something important 
* for when you feel under the weather (or are just wiped out) 

Anna texted these pictures to me on Thursday night as they had their first movie night in the house,
 and she opened up the first package: 


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