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Gratitude Letters - a Thanksgiving Tradition

I was asked to write up a post for Godspace for their gratitude theme for October and November, and this was published today: SPIRITUAL PRACTICES THANKSGIVING AND GRATITUDE GRATITUDE LETTERS – A THANKSGIVING TRADITION October 7, 2021 by  Emily Huff , This is what our kids have to deal with having a mom who is a teacher.  Our family assignment every year around Thanksgiving is to write a letter about what we are grateful for and to share these letters around the table. While there might be some eyes that roll when I remind them of this exercise each year, I am convinced that this is such good work for us all to build these muscles and to practice giving thanks together. The notebook where we keep all these letters from years past also serves as a pretty sweet time capsule (as we started it in 1995), and we get some good laughs looking back through different reflectio

Countdown Tradition

Our friend Abby shared with me one of her favorite traditions below:  I was so excited to add this to our collection of traditions!  Here is the note I put in a little package I put in the mail for Miss Anna yesterday....  I was delighted to get to put this into practice earlier than expected this year  as Anna is coming home for her fall break :)  Nothing says "I can't wait to see you" quite like Oreo Rice Krispie treats