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Christmas Countdown- 12 Days of Christmas Care Packages

When I went to visit Anna at college in early December, I brought with me a large shipping bag filled with twelve brown paper packages tied up with string. Each one had a tag on it with the date of when to open it following a 12-day countdown for her to enjoy some Christmas cheer in this time before finals. They were simple gifts- a gingerbread house to make with friends, some candy canes, some Trader Joe's goodies, along with other treats to bring in the holiday spirit. The final gift was today, and she called me when she opened it. And lo and behold, it was a big surprise for her to find Gnome peeking through the clear top of the box to greet her. (After we left it in her kitchen when we dropped her off at college, she had brought it home for Thanksgiving and hid it for me to find in our room.) See below for the FaceTime call when she opened the box tonight!