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Easter Love

Two years ago when we were in lockdown mode with Covid, I decided to put some Easter messages on the sidewalk to wish people a happy Easter. I started drawing hearts on the sidewalk and made it halfway down the block. Then one thing led to another, and Anna, Taylor, and Dani who were with me got roped in to help and we ended up drawing 814 hearts together that night covering both sides of the block from 52nd to 55th.  Last year, we rallied some help from some neighbors and knocked out the project again (even with Anna on her belly on a skateboard drawing hearts at one point!), but this year, the folks I reached out to were not around so I slowly but surely got hearts all the way down the block on my own.  Today on Easter, I was sitting in the front yard soaking up the sunshine, and one woman walked around the block with her dog. She stopped when she got to our house and asked if I had made the hearts. I said I did, and she explained that she was a little sad as she had not been able to