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Senior Sendoffs

  I patched this prayer together for our sendoff for Anna the night before she went to college last summer.  Gracious God, Thank you for giving Anna deep roots, and thank you for giving her wings. Prepare Anna’s heart to revel in new exploration of new communities, new cities, new ideas, new classes,  and of landscapes less familiar. Along the way, may she pause to savor the way your diverse imagination is expressed in the beauty around her, and in an artistry of peoples and cultures. Waken her vision and rouse her heart that she might be shaped by those whisperings of your goodness and grace all around her. Let her play, let her laugh, let her to find rich community. Keep her safe from injury and harm and make her a blessing to all she meets in college. Guide her as she goes to Scripps, be her refuge, be her shade in the heat, be her shelter in the storm, be her rest in weariness, be her protection in trouble, and be her strong staff in danger.   For all our days together, we give you

Balloon Sunday

We celebrated Pentecost with the 50 red balloons I brought with me to church... Such a sweet celebration to bring this new tradition to our church family at Union.  While there's no symbol that can really reenact the way the disciples were amazed and astonished when the Spirit came upon them, this is a small way to invite us as a church to delight in God's presence  with us through the gift of the Holy Spirit...