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St. Patrick’s Day

On the night of March 16 th , (my birthday!),  we set out leprechaun traps in hopes of catching a leprechaun the next morning for St. Patrick’s Day.   We also look forward to our once-a-year purchase of Lucky Charms.  groggy smiles this morning with this sugar cereal  bought once a year for St. Patrick's Day  Food should be colorful, but I don't think this is what  Michael Pollan  had in mind.  setting up the traps last night  Leprechaun traps can be made out of anything. Our favorite design was using an oatmeal canister, covering it with green felt, creating a ladder for leprechaun to use to climb to the top only to find a hole at the top that was hidden with a circle of green felt that would give way when the leprechaun steps on it. I must admit that we have never caught anything, but we keep trying as those leprechauns are tricky.  They always seem to mess up the room, but they leave behind some footprints and some treats for us.   Pint