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These pictures of our MLK Day Tradition over the last 6 years remind me of the incredible value of these annual rhythms and traditions. They allow us an opportunity to live into these celebrations and to soak up their meaning over time.  They become a kind of liturgy providing a foundation on which we can build a deeper understanding of life and love and community as the words sink into our thoughts and perspectives each year.  2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Epiphany 2018

"As we observe Epiphany, we celebrate the journey to the manger and the showing forth of God in unexpected places."- Transforming Center  How have you seen or experienced light?  How have you shared light with others?  Radiant Morning Star, you are both guidance and mystery,  Visit our rest with disturbing dreams,  and our journeys with strange companions.  Grace us with the hospitality  to open our hearts and homes  to visitors filled with unfamiliar wisdom  bearing profound and unusual gifts.  Amen.  Bright Morning Star,  your light has come,  and the birth of Jesus  has overwhelmed us with joy.  Like the magi of long ago,  may we be drawn to you  and offer you such gifts as we are able. Amen. O God of light and peace,  whose glory, shining in the child of Bethlehem,  still draws the nations to yourself:  dispel the darkness that shrouds our path,  that we may come  to kneel before Christ