Live Day

Today marks 5 years since my dear friend Jodi's son named Owen was hit by a car.  It was a terrible accident that no family should ever have to witness. As 3 year-old Owen was crossing the street to come back over to where Jodi was, a minivan was on its way down the street and the driver did not see Owen. He was hit and sent 20-30 feet (no exaggeration here) in the air before landing face down on the concrete, unconscious.  There really is no way Owen should have lived.  But he did, and after all of that, he sustained only the smallest of scrapes-- far, far less than even a bike crash.

And so today, January 22 is a miracle day for the Hailey family that is celebrated each year.   They all go out to dinner to mark the occasion to celebrate "Live Day."  I love celebrating just about anything, but this is one of the best reasons to celebrate for sure.   

photo on our front porch with Owen and Jodi in September 2014 


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