April Fools' Day 2015

I love coming up with fun pranks to try to pull on our kids on this day. It's just getting trickier to find things that they don't know about or ones they have not seen online too! 
As they are getting more tech-savvy, I am going to have to up my game in years to come... 

This year's prank involved a simple box from QFC for Top Pot Doughnuts. As Anna and Taylor came down for breakfast, it appeared that I had been very kind and had gotten the rare treat of doughnuts for breakfast. 

Anna knew something was up because she was so excited about coming up with her own pranks for the day and she knew I had something up my sleeve.... 

While Poppy loved the treats, Taylor was not so thrilled.... 

This word search is one that Anna took to school today to give to friends. It's an impossible word search as there are no correct matches. :) 

Fun to get some good laughs out of them this morning and to recount the April Fools' Pranks of years past... 

a few past April Fools' Pranks below: 

frozen breakfast - (the milk under the cereal was frozen and 
then I put fresh milk on top to pull that trick)

candy peas and carrots above 

carrots in their treat box for lunch and other tricks at breakfast in 2009 

(above) toothpaste in the oreos, holes in their cups...  

I switched Taylor and Anna in their beds in the middle of the night a few years ago. 

Taylor was mad to wake up among the flowers in 2011...

a wormy apple in 2011 (an apple in their lunches with a gummy worm) 

food coloring at the bottom of the bowl so that when they poured their cereal it turned gross colors

purple cow (food coloring in the milk), spare change glued to the floor, fake food in their lunches, and  buggy toothpaste (a raisin in the tube of toothpaste)


The kids came down to breakfast on April Fools' morning in 2014, they came to a table set with our fancy bowls and a gift bag ready for them to open.  I told them that I splurged and got them each something that I knew they would love.  

When they opened the bag, I told them that I went all out and got them both an I-Pad....  
(not quite...) 

gauze eye pads.... 

I also told them that I made a fun treat for breakfast... 

a pan of "brownies"... 



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