A Picture is Worth a Thousand April Fools

This morning, I had the idea of swapping Anna and Taylor's blankets on their beds, but even through I woke up early, it completely bombed.  I went in to take Taylor's comforter off his bed and was successful in not waking him up. But when I went in to get Anna's blanket, she felt me removing some of the pillows off her bed, and I quickly snuck out of the room. Jason was in the hallway and then went into check on her. She opened her eyes and said, "Ha. Ha. Happy April Fools' Day." She was groggy and did not know what we were up to, but she had a suspicion we were up to no good. 

I gave up this plan and left Taylor's blanket in the hall thinking that I might be able to still make this work if they fell back asleep.  But, Taylor woke up about 30 minutes later and was wondering where his blanket was at all. So, Taylor thought that my prank was just stealing his blanket and making him cold rather than my brilliant plan to have him wake up with a flowery comforter on his bed.  Oh well. 

I cut my losses and then went to Plan B.  I got their phones and changed the background photo on their phones with some baby pictures displayed instead of their other backgrounds. 

Happy April Fools' Day to all today! 


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