Mom, do we have to?

Happy May Day! While May 1st totally slipped my mind last year, I had it on the calendar this time around so that I would not forget to make little flower cones for the kids to deliver after school today. When I picked them up, I reminded them that it was May Day and that they got to take a few spring flowers to some neighbors while trying not to get caught. 
After I announced this in the car, I pretty much got the response of "Mom, do we have to?!"

But they did go and they even let me take a few pictures. 
And for the record, they came back with hearts racing as they had tried to be sneaky,
 and I think they might even admit to having had some fun. 

I just have to trust that someday they will look back on these little traditions and smile 
(even though I know I might get a few eyes rolling in my direction at some of my ideas to celebrate the day every now and then!) 


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