It is never too late to begin

When I went to visit my friend Heather last weekend, she had their family's Lenten wreath on the table with a little frame that says, "It is never too late to begin." 

Having Ash Wednesday the same day as Valentine's Day this year along with an extended visit from her mom, sister and nephew, she reported that they had just not gotten into a rhythm.  While she was not sure if it was worth it because of the lost time, she decided she would dust off her Lenten wreath even though it was already halfway through Lent. 

In some ways, this is the most honest approach we can bring to Lent. We set out to practice certain disciplines, and yet, we falter and get off track so easily.  Our intentions are good, but our distractions get the best of us. We need God's grace for each day, and this is a reminder that His forgiveness is the fresh start we are invited to embrace. 

May this Lent continue to be a reminder to you that it is never ever too late to begin again.  


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